5 Superb Video Content Creation Tips

Did you know that 86% of businesses now use video content as a marketing tool? That’s a significant increase in the last few years alone. Business owners have realized that video gives a unique opportunity to introduce the audience to a product, increase engagement, and educate the audience on market trends.

If you’re missing out on this huge opportunity, it’s time to get your slice of the pie. Even if you’re already posting brand videos, it’s worth knowing what could make your content more effective. Here are a few tips that won’t let you down.

1. Tell Your Story

Every video you create must tell a story. Viewers will not want to watch a video with dry content just to get information from your market. You can catch your audience by appealing to their emotions and simultaneously distributing information.

The story that you tell must connect with the product you’re trying to sell. The aim is for your video to be so engaging that each viewer watches it to the end.

2. Mobile and Tablet Friendly

There is huge scope for every business to sell to mobile and tablet users. Just think of all the people doing their commute to work on public transport, with their eyes on their phones or tablets at all times. This is a prime opportunity for people to do their online shopping or stumble across viral videos that lead them to a product they may not have time to purchase at any other point in the day.

Take a look at The HOTH blog for examples of great YouTube trends. If your video content isn’t available on or suitable for mobile and tablet, you’ll be missing out on a wealth of potential sales. Be sure to check your content on mobile before posting.

3. The First Few Seconds Are Key

Why do you stop scrolling and start listening? Those first few seconds need to grab your audience. This is where your video marketing strategy will come in handy.

For example, a restaurant marketing a new dish may use the first few seconds to show someone thoroughly enjoying the mouth-watering plate of food. Once the viewer has stopped to find out more, it’s a great opportunity to give information about the dish and where to go to try it.

4. Enthusiasm

If you’re appearing in your content videos, you need to be enthusiastic. Your viewers must believe that you’re offering them the best solution to their problems. What you have to tell them will change their lives and they’ll come back for more.

The Best Video Content Creation

The best video content creation takes time and practice. Social media trends are ever-changing and adapting so it’s important to stay ahead of the trends. Keep an eye on what works for your brand and let your audience do the navigating.

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