Autoflowering Cannabis Growth Guide: A comprehensive Outline

Hey Mate! I hope you are doing great. The auto-flowering plants on my balcony will be ready to harvest in a couple of days. This is a great time to write about them. Isn’t it so?

Both veteran and new growers love auto-flowering cannabis plants. They grow so fast and without any hassles. Once you start growing them, you will love them too.

Autoflowering cannabis plants are one of a kind; they go from the vegetative stage to the blooming stage with age instead of lighting exposure. Most strains get ready for harvest by ten weeks of germination. That is uplifting news for first-time growers who feel very impatient.

In this quick guide, I will share some tricks and techniques for growing auto-flowering marijuana plants.

Make Arrangements Before Getting Started

The auto-flowering seeds develop super rapidly. Along these lines, you should arrange the developing technique.

Think well from beforehand about the growing medium you want to use. Would you like to develop them in soil, vermiculite, coco peat, or would you say you can adequately attempt aeroponics or aquaculture?

Assuming you intend to develop them in an outdoor growing area, do you have the right climatic conditions for them? To develop inside, you want to figure out the ventilation and lights, and you want to sort every one of these out before you set out for germinating the cannabis seeds.

Select The Appropriate Container For Your Autoflowering Cannabis
Autoflowering marijuana plants have a short developing cycle. Due to this, transplantation doesn’t function very well with these plants, and the plants don’t get time to recuperate from the pressure of repotting. Accordingly, you should keep your plant in the same pot all through its period of growth.

Hence, you need to pick the right container for your cannabis autoflower infants with care. The pots ought to be of the right size to hold a mature cannabis plant, and its root ought to have space to spread and develop healthily. Nonetheless, you don’t require large pots because these plants are by and large short and dainty, and medium-sized pots truly do well for cannabis autoflowers.

Guarantee that the pots have good openings for draining water, as these plants need well circulated, well-drained soil to flourish. You can likewise pick a grow bag or fabric pot for the auto-flowering cannabis.

Guarantee That You Provide The Best Quality Soil
Assuming you are growing the auto-flowering cannabis in soil, ensure that the soil is fluffy enough for aeration and well-drained. You won’t have to treat the soil later with fertilizer during the growth phases of your plant if you give them a perfectly mixed soil to grow on.

Here is a formula you can use to make your potting mix for auto-flowering plants if you are not using a store-bought soil mix specially prepared for growing marijuana plants.

Potting Mix For Cannabis Autoflowering Plants

Mix three parts of peat with three parts of manure and mix it well with two parts of moisturized vermiculite and two parts of moisturized Perlite for the right dose of nourishment for your auto-flowering babies.

Give The Autoflowering Plants Right Nourishment
One of the most well-known slip-ups that the initial time auto-flowering cannabis cultivators make is to add an excessive number of nutrients to the soil. The ideal way to develop autoflowers is not to interfere excessively in their growth process.

However, nutrients are significant for a plant’s nourishment; autoflowers, by and large, do well with the nutrients they get from the soil mix. This is because the auto-flowering strains are bred so that they develop as they are.

Assuming you provide them with correct relative humidity, great lighting, and well-ventilated air, you likely don’t have to add any nourishment. On the off chance that you want to add, be exceptionally wary of the amount.

Provide The Accurate Amount Of Light

Autoflowers are said to be the most versatile and intense varieties of marijuana. In any case, their growth will increase incredibly by lighting them accurately.

Assuming you are cultivating them indoors, 6 hours of darkness and 18 hours of light periods function admirably with most auto-flowering cannabis plants.

Try not to stress over your plants getting 10 to 12 hours of daylight when growing outside. Daylight is more intense than electric lighting, so you don’t have to stress over it.

For indoor cultivation realize that full-range LEDs will be the best with your autoflower pot plants. Likewise, they flourish most under HPS, and then the CFLs and fluorescents come.

Water The Autoflowers Correctly

Wrong watering can be a curse for your cannabis auto-flowering plants, regardless of how strong and forgiving they are. Underwatering can kill your marijuana plant, and overwatering may prompt the rotting of roots.

It is ideal for adhering to a standard watering timetable to correct the watering. You want to consider factors like plant size, humidity, age, and soil composition to figure out what watering timetable would turn out best for your plant.

You likewise need to take care not to suffocate your seedling with water when you plant it right after germination. The potting soil must be slightly moist and not wet while adding the developed seed.

Assuming you notice that it has dried, spray some water. Keep in mind, like any remaining elements while developing autoflowers, with watering as well, balance and observation are important.

Pay Attention To The pH Level.

Whether developing your cauliflower outside or in an indoor development region or using soil or hydroponics, you must focus on the pH level. Assuming the pH is out of equilibrium, the plant will not retain fundamental nutrition like magnesium and calcium.

Utilizing a basic strip for pH testing, guarantee that the water pH level stays within the 5.5 to 6.5 range if you are using hydroponics and keep the pH level 6.0 to 7.0 when using soil.

Train The Plants For A Better Yield

The cauliflower pot plants are very vulnerable, and you can’t prune them to enhance the harvest. For that, you want to utilize low-stress strategies or LSTs to prepare the plant. This preparation incorporates utilizing strings and toothpicks to organize and set up the stems so that the bud nodes get equivalent measures of light.

You may likewise want to top the plant when the hubs begin showing up for better development. However, I would propose the less you intervene with your autoflower plant, the better.

Just guarantee that you support the stems well, and they get an equivalent measure of light.

Guarantee Correct Temperature In The Grow Room

However, the autoflower plants are solid and tough; they would not develop admirably if the temperature is not stable. When cultivating them outside, guarantee that you plant them during summer to access warm climates more often than not. You may likewise need to place them in the shade when it is excessively hot.

If you are developing them inside, please give them around 67 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

You ought to likewise guarantee adequate ventilation around your cauliflower infants, and it will guarantee that your plant has sufficient humidity and fewer trim possibilities.

Be Patient While You Harvest

Each bud of the auto-flowering plant would bloom at its speed. You will not have the option to harvest every one of the buds simultaneously. Begin gathering with blossoms at the top as they typically develop at a more impressive speed than the bottom ones. You can sit tight for a little while before reaping the lower buds.

Have a go at utilizing a perpetual harvesting technique when you need a consistent bud supply the entire year. For this, you want to design your auto-flowering plants so when you are reaping one plant; another is planning to arrive at the blooming stage.


In the end, as an amateur grower, you might not grow them perfectly well right away, and it is okay. Take them as steps to learn and move on.

For growing perfectly, you need to pick good quality seeds with stable genetics to guarantee that the top rack pot is produced. Check out i49 for a great assortment of auto-flowering seeds that suits all necessities and prerequisites.

Also, do not forget to dry and cure your buds after harvesting them. You will also need to trim them well.

Enjoy growing and smoking your doob. Have some good times! Farewell!

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