Italian Wine Importers Australia: Know Everything About It.

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What is the role of a wine importer?

What does it mean to be an Italian wine importer?

In the United States, foreign wineries frequently hire an agent to represent and act on their behalf. In the course of trade, this agent, known as an “importer,” is licensed and authorized to transport wine into the United States from the manufacturer’s foreign country. This provides you with online Italian wine importers in Australia.

Is wine imported into Italy?

The value of wine imported into Italy from Western Europe in 2019 was 329 million euros. 

For example, the import value from the second-largest providing region, the new EU members, was six million euros.

Italian wine importers:

Italian Wine Importers is a renowned importer of Italian wines to Australia, founded on the enthusiasm for Italy and Italian wine of our founders, Alan and Carolina. They started their business by importing local handmade Italian wines into Australia to discover authentic artisanal wines.

Italian Wine Importers is a renowned importer of Italian wines to Australia, founded on the enthusiasm for Italy and Italian wine of our founders, Alan and Carolina.

They started their business by importing local handmade Italian wines into Australia to discover authentic artisanal wines.

They travel extensively around Italy to meet with the winemakers’ families. Generations make vines of devoted artisan winemakers representing their region terroir (soil and climate).

Many of the wines have received international recognition and are exceptional in every way. Wines are available at pubs, restaurants, and trattorias all around Italy. Aren’t we all seeking a great wine that’s well-made, easy to drink, and inexpensive?

Our company has grown significantly, Over the previous ten years. Ennio di Marco has now joined as a business partner, with Mattia Bartolucci as our sales manager and Mia McIntyre as our Queensland sales manager. We’ve also expanded our range to include some delectable wines from Austria, France, and Slovenia. We couldn’t resist adding these wines to our collection because we all enjoy them.

We’ve been supplying wines to Australia’s most outstanding restaurants, wine bars, and boutique wine shops for the past ten years. We’re now able to provide them to private consumers at highly reasonable costs. We import all of our wines into Australia on an exclusive basis.

What is Italy’s most important export?

Metal and engineering items, primarily from Germany, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom, are Italy’s most significant imports. Imports of chemicals, vehicles, and minerals are also substantial. Italy is a considerable energy importer, with much of its oil originating in North Africa and the Middle East.

What are the top five imported items into Italy?

Imports: Crude Petroleum ($35.1 billion), Cars ($29.8 billion), Packaged Medicaments ($17.4 billion), Petroleum Gas ($15.8 billion), and Refined Petroleum ($9.11 billion) are Italy’s top imports, with the majority coming from Germany ($75.1 billion), France ($41.2 billion), China ($34.9 billion), Spain ($25.5 billion), and the Netherlands ($23.9 billion).

Is it legal for me to bring wine into Australia?

The WET levied on wine imported into Australia is administered and collected by the Department of Home Affairs. The GST importation value is the taxable value of imported wine. G is the customs value plus transportation, insurance, and duty fees (if any).

What steps do I need to take to become a wine importer in Australia?

You do not need a license to import wine into Australia. 2. Employ the services of a freight forwarder. You will need to select an experienced freight forwarder who can arrange and offer a bonded warehouse so that you do not have to pay any wet tax on alcohol when you arrive.

Are you looking for some of Australia’s top Italian wines?

Italian Wine Connection was founded in 2016, almost as a bet, but more so as a necessity: to obtain the finest, carefully selected premium, rare, and boutique Italian wines, which were previously inaccessible in Australia.

Unlike many Italian wine importers, we lived in Italy for two decades and grew up in one of the world’s most prolific and beautiful wine regions. Over time, wine has evolved from being a beverage to become a significant component of our lives.

Every year, we embark on a pilgrimage around the Italian Peninsula to obtain directly from the producer’s wines. We wish to share this incredible experience with you, as well as our passion for boutique wines, by bringing a taste of Italy to your table.

When selecting our wines, we look for those that best exemplify the actual essence of winemaking tradition and culture, which has evolved over hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

As you may be aware, grapes are highly susceptible to various elements such as sun, heat, weather, and rain. Therefore, when picking vintages, we only import the best; we will not purchase them if they fit our criteria; you can rest assured that this is true.

There are no inexpensive Italian wines on our list; but, if you’re searching for a $10 mass-produced Prosecco or Chianti, there are plenty of other stores that cater to this market.

We provide you with more than just bottled wine; we offer you a complete and authentic Italian experience.

What you’ll find here is uncompromised excellence; we’re continuously working to improve our services and establish a reputation as unrivaled quality ambassadors.

Consider this: Would you rather drive around in a cheap Italian car or a Ferrari for a few dollars more? It’s entirely up to you!


What is Italy’s most famous wine?

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The 10 most well-known Italian wines

  • Barolo The Barolo wine comes from northern Italy, notably the Piedmont region.
  • Franciacorta
  • Fiano di Avellino
  • Chianti Classico
  • Amarone della Valpolicella
  • Brunello di Montalcino

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