How To Smoothly Transition to a Vegan Diet

Every day, more people are choosing a non-violent way of eating by embracing a vegan diet. In 2020, over 400,000 people tried Veganuary, a challenge running for a month of people trying a vegan lifestyle. While switching to a vegan lifestyle can seem intimidating, the idea is scarier than doing it. So if you have felt that this is a lifestyle you want to adopt, here are a few tips to help you switch to a vegan diet.

Start Slow

Becoming a vegan is easy if you take it slow and not just wake up one day and cut all animal products from your meal. Choose some plant-based meals that you have always enjoyed, like a veggie stir-fry, oatmeal, rice and bean burrito, jacket potatoes, and lentil stew. You can then build on those meals by adding other plant-based diets with time. Gale Tobin recommends making small changes and evaluating how you feel. Also, take the time to learn this new food language you are not used to without pressuring yourself. It will make your transition smooth.

How About a Plant-based Breakfast?

As you start adjusting to this new lifestyle, set one meal where you only eat a plant-based diet. Breakfast is an excellent place to start. You have multiple options, from vegan yogurt, banana protein pancakes, scrambled tofu, muffins, toast, smoothie bowls, waffles, etc. All these are great options, and you will not feel like you are missing much. From there, you can start looking up lunch and dinner plant-based recipes to try.

Cut Down the Intake of Meat and Processed Food

Instead of eliminating all meat and processed food from the start, the great idea is to cut the portions you are taking. This gives your body and mind time to adjust and accommodate the new changes. For instance, adding a bowl of fresh fruits or salads to your meals is a simple change you can manage. Next, start eliminating any dairy and meat products you do not like much. Gradually, replace animal-based products with plant-based ones in your recipes. For instance, if you enjoy beef chili, you can trade it with portobello mushrooms or dried bulgur. Or, if you are a taco lover, go for a plant-based recipe by using quinoa taco meat.

Make The Meals Fun and Exciting

Focus on foods you like that are also accessible to you. Do not struggle to eat certain meals because a particular social media influencer said so, yet you find no joy in eating them. Also, if cooking is not your thing, go for easier recipes. Research as many plan-based recipes as you can find, then make them fun and flavorful. You do not have to stick to the same salad every day. Try new salad recipes or any other fun way to make your veggies. Additionally, it will do you good if you take your time to explore new plant-based diets from food blogs. As soon as you open yourself to exploring, you will notice how happy you are with the food choices you are making.

Stock Up Healthy Foods

Today, you will find many amazing products that make it easier to switch to a plant-based diet than before. This is because the number of people switching to a plant-based diet is also increasing. From dairy-free milk, kale chips, tofu, and tempeh, you will find various products suiting different budget needs. You only need to take your time and explore the fresh produce aisle in your grocery store. Ensure your kitchen is well stocked with nutritious plant-based meals, as this will motivate you to stick to a vegan lifestyle.

Finally, be easy on yourself and remember that this switch may take time. Initially, there will be a lot of trial and error as you try to find what you like and what you do not. Be patient with yourself, and in time, you will find you have fully adjusted to a plant-based meal.

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