Hottest Fall Fashion Trends for 2021

Over two trillion dollars are spent on fashion every year, and over 200 billion of that is spent in the US alone. The industry depends on the shifting fads and trends of the world, and changes often.

Fashion depends on more than social factors, though. The season and weather also play a huge role. For instance, long-sleeved sweaters and fur-lined boots will never be popular in the summer, because it’s not practical.

You can see this playing out right now if you look. It’s early Fall, which means that the season’s fashion trends for 2021 will soon be gaining traction. As time goes on, you’ll see more and more people falling into patterns.

We’ll talk about some of the Fall trends you can expect to see in this article.

1. Bright Colors

Bright, colorful clothing is expected to make a big showing this season. As the world around them turns muted and dull, clothing will take on brighter shades, providing a notable contrast.

Contrasting colors within your own outfit is also a valid option. This is best done in subtler ways, such as having a garment of one main color with contrasting trim.

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2. Sweater Vests

Sweater vests have gotten a bad reputation in the past for being awkward and uncool,

but they might be coming back into season soon.

Sweater vests have been around since the turn of the century, showing up sometime before 1907.

They were considered menswear until the 1930s when women started wearing them. The first woman known to wear a sweater vest was Eleanor Roosevelt, and the garment slowly became unisex after that.

3. Blazers and Suit Jackets

We’re not sure when dressing up went out of style, but we’re glad to see it coming back. You can’t go wrong with a well-made jacket.

It’s a versatile garment that can go from casual to formal just by buttoning it up. You can also pair it with dress pants and loafers to be more professional or with more casual outfits for an avant-garde look. A simple pair of loafers can finish the look.

4. 90’s Revival

Though the entries on this list are very different, they’re building towards a larger trend. Whether it never quite died or came back into style, the 90s is very alive in the Fall of 2021.

Some of the fashion trends for 2021 were also popular in the 1990s. Suit jackets and sweater vests were in style. There are also trends like plaid button-up shirts, loose-fitting clothes, platform shoes, loafers that may make a comeback.

Fashion Trends for 2021: What to Expect this Fall

Fashion is a fickle business. Any number of things could have an effect on it at any time.

The good news is that it takes a lot to derail a growing trend, which is why we’re confident that you’ll see the trends we’ve discussed in the near future.

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