Thu. May 13th, 2021
WhatsApp Web Users

As the developments have unfolded over the past week, the clock for WhatsApp seems to be ticking with every passing minute and every sensitized user. With users forced to confront the grey policies in which Facebook operates its entities, the new privacy policy announcement seems to have opened a pandora’s box of mayhem for WhatsApp. The latest addition to this ruckus comes courtesy of WhatsApp web.

Already under immense heat over its upcoming data and privacy policy in India and elsewhere around the globe, another user data violation from WhatsApp has come to light. The report has come from the WhatsApp Web application for desktop, which has been alleged to expose personal mobile numbers of the app users via indexing on Google Search.

With screenshots to prove and strong condemnation from several analysts to boot, many of these pictures have shown indexing of personal mobile numbers of WhatsApp users via the Web version on the Google Search engine.

Eminent independent cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia has also lent his view, confirming that the source of the leak is WhatsApp on the Web. Detailing further, he has explained that when the users are using WhatsApp on their laptops or PCs, the mobile numbers are getting indexed on Google Search.

Though not all the individual phone numbers appearing online are business numbers, the uproar of concern the news has caused has been huge. Even earlier in the week, when reports of its private group chat links being available on Google Search came out, WhatsApp had reportedly asked Google not to index such chats and also advised users against sharing group chat links on publicly accessible websites.

What had transpired in that incident was that Google had indexed invite links to many private WhatsApp group chats, which meant all these private chat groups could be found and joined through a routine search. All the indexed WhatsApp group chat links have now been removed from Google though.

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