5 Tips to Get Your Children to Take Medicine Without Hassle

It is not uncommon to get sick an average of 8 times a year. From the common cold to stomach worms, children are more likely to get sick than most adults.
When your child is sick, you will do anything to improve them. Parents do everything from taking their children to the doctor to taking them to the doctor to buy the best medicine when it means that their children have to get back to normal.
Although it is not always easy for parents to get their children to take medicine. Definitely swallowing the same dose of some baby medicine. They will refuse, no matter how hard their parents try.
Are you having this problem right now? Here are 5 tips to help your child get medicine without the usual hassle.

1. Take the right flavour medicine for your baby

Over the years, pharmacies have helped children take medicine by adding flavours to their liquid medicine. Cherries, grapes, and bubblegum have become some of the most popular flavours.
But these days, there are many other flavours that parents can ask a pharmacy to prescribe for their child. These flavors include lemons, watermelons, and in some cases, even option root beer!
If your child likes a flavour, ask your pharmacist if there is a way to incorporate that flavour into their medicine. When you take the time to add flavour to it, they will not mind taking the medicine.

2. Refrigerate your child’s medicine before giving it to them

If you drink almost anything at room temperature, it will not taste as good as it will be cold. This applies to water, juice, and, yes, even liquid medicines.
As soon as you get your child’s medicine from the pharmacy, you bring it home and put it in the fridge. This will keep it cool and make it easier to carry your baby.
There are even parents who have started pouring liquid medicine on crushed ice for their children. Your child will explode when they take the medicine when you feel that they are doing something special when they take it.

3. Take your child mentally. Prepare

When you know that your child does not like to take medicine, you will probably make it a habit to wait until the last minute and tell them that they have to take it too. More often than not, they throw tantrums in the middle of your kitchen.
Although this approach may seem like the easiest option for you, you should consider talking to your children about taking medication early. This will give them some time to mentally prepare for what is to come.
You should also tell them about some recreational activities that you are going to do after taking the medicine. Say something like, “We’re going to give you your medicine in 10 minutes then, and then we’re going for a walk to the park!”
This will make them excited that the things that are coming will be the opposite of making it a terrible time for them to dry medicine.

4. Trick your child’s taste buds to enjoy the medicine

If your child hates the taste of their medicine after taking it for the first time, you get into a fierce fight when it comes time to give them the next dose. When they hate the taste of their medicine, they will fight tooth and nail.
From the beginning, their taste buds have been a way to enjoy their medicine. You can try to get out of the bad taste of medicine so that their tongue can be covered with something else.
Some parents will give their children a drop of honey to eat before giving them medicine. Put some chocolate syrup in your children’s mouths before giving medicine to others.
These things can mask the taste of the medicine and make it more enjoyable for children. They may even start to wait for it over time.

5. Set a good example when you take your own medicine

Do you complain about taking medicine when you are sick? If so, this may be a good reason for you to bring your child medicine. Struggle so much.
When it comes to taking medicine, you should do your best to set a good example for your children. Buy prescription drugs online and take them in front of your children to see how mom or dad takes them.
Your children may look at you and imitate you in many different ways. That is why you should go out of your way to set a positive example for them when taking medicine.
You may even want to take your regular prescription medication while they are taking it to make them feel like you are in it together. This is an effective way to teach your children the importance of taking medicine.
Giving medicine to a sick child does not require much trouble
For parents, there is nothing worse than having a sick child on their hands. When you sit down and watch your baby get sick, you will often feel sick to your stomach.
Having a sick child at home

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