Get Healthy Goat Online This Bakrid From Pashubajaar In Lockdown

Eid Al-Adha or popularly known as Bakra Eid is one of the major festivals of the Muslims. The day falls on the last day of the lunar calendar every year. The sacrifice of the goat is an inseparable part of it. Though many people sacrifice camel, ram, or cow, Buck for Bakra Eid Qurbani is most popular among all.

Keeping in mind the present scenario of the Covid19 outbreak, it has become a thing to worry among all the people who want to sacrifice that how to buy the Qurbani bakra. The livestock market is not safe enough as the level of hygiene is very low. Pashubajaar brings to them the much-coveted solution where they can Buy Premium healthy Goat Online.

When every single thing of our daily use can be brought online, then why should the livestock market stay behind. In this time of emergency, they serve the customers of all over the country by delivering goats at the doorsteps.

Online Delivery Of Livestock In India

India is in the phase of digitalization. From transactions to shopping, the new age Indians prefer the digital platform more. As the life of urban Indians is becoming super fast, they don’t have much time in hand to go and shop for things. From the vegetable to furniture, they like to buy them online where they can make their choice more convenient from a wider range of options.

Pashubajaar is another positive step to build digital India. They are focusing on a broader market place which is the pan India where they can deliver the goat. This path-breaking concept was designed much before the lockdown but in today’s scenario, it comes as the blessing.

Now to buy the Buck for Bakra Eid Qurbani, they don’t need to go to the dirty and unhygienic livestock mandi. They can search for the goat on the website and select the breed. Unlike the market, the choice is not limited here as you can get all the leading breeds of goats of India listed under the Pashubajaar website.

Popular breeds like Osmanabadi, Jamunapari, Betal, Black Bengal, Gaddi, Sirohi, and other local categories are available here. You can browse the website, read all detailed specifications, and buy the goat without stepping outside of your house. You will get the delivery at your doorstep on the given date.

Why you should Buy Premium healthy Goat Online from Pashubajaar?

While buying from the mandi, you do not have the assurance of the health condition of the goat. You may have done the outside checks of the eyes and other features to find out the sign of sickness but there are many health conditions of which symptoms cannot be seen.

On the other hand, Pashubajaar ensures the good health of each of the goats they deliver. They train and guide the goat farmers to bring up the goats in the utmost healthy atmosphere with proper food and weather so that they can have optimum growth. The certified veterinarians appointed by the company keep the health record of the goats to ensure that the customers get the healthiest Buck for Bakra Eid Qurbani. 

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